Listen Up Emily


Arts University Bournemouth

Producer - Georgi Doig
Director - Milo Cremer Eindhoven
DoP - Leon Pyszora
Editor - Marina Ivanycheva & Jakob Paulik
Colourist - Dan Carney
Camera - Arri Alexa & 16mm Film

Standing at the alter hopeless romantic Emily is seconds away from sealing the deal, but in a moment of distress she flees. Taking refuge in an old fashioned sound studio she is able to persuade herself to go back, but getting back is more complicated than expected... Emily is thrown into 50's Hollywood version of Paris without a way to get back. Her only hope for returning in time lies in the hands of the man who has no intention to lose her. In a series of Screwball-esque clashes and musical numbers Emily takes heed of her true feelings, but is she ready to act on them?

Twenty minute graduation film from the Arts University Bournemouth, premièring at London's BFI Southbank.